Departmental Store Display Racks

Departmental Store Display Racks

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Departmental Store Display Racks offer space and display advantages. With innovative designs, they can transform your merchandising space. There is smaller footprint, greater space and good structural support. Also, the display racks are developed for versatility, cost-effectiveness and productive uses. Contemporary display systems are well-designed for excellent product exposure. Here the goal is improved product merchandising. The systems are effective for housewares, clothing, shoes, foodstuffs, and more. A wide variety of types, makes and styles is greatly accessible.  


Department stores have been very popular, and a clean concept. We meet unique racking and shelving needs of the stores. We supply with appropriate racks you need, and consider your comprehensive as well as special need. Also, we serve for both big and small retailers. We keep categories of merchandise, product types and other prospects in mind. Our display racks are great for almost all types of merchandise. Moreover, we make sure that they are perfect for all sorts of retail stores and shelving needs. With innovative departmental display racks, we cater to business owners, merchandisers, and new businesses. Our racks are suited for convenience stores, beauty supply, and many other retail organizations.     

Advantages of Departmental Racks : 

  • Attractive, space-efficient and economical 
  • Increase your space, productivity and sales 
  • Accessible in multiple forms, styles and sizes 
  • Organize & show products in mercantile spaces 
  • Provide visibility, accessibility, stability & security  
  • Mix of strength, corrosion resistance and light weight  
  • Help increase profitability with good customer experience 


  • 1800mm x 900mm x 450mm
  • 2100mm x 1200mm x 500mm
  • Load Capacity 80Kg / UDL & 100 Kg / UDL